The Fall Salon: Icons Through the Ages Press Release

The Fall Salon:
October 28 to December 12, 2020

Sélavy by Di Donna is pleased to present the Fall Salon: Icons through the Ages, featuring masterworks of art, design, and antiquities spanning from 2600 B.C. to 2000 A.D. This is the second presentation from Sélavy by Di Donna, a shoppable online salon of art and design with a storefront vitrine in Southampton. The Fall Salon is available to explore and purchase instantly online at and in person at 30 Jobs Lane in Southampton from October 28 to December 12, 2020.


The current presentation embodies the spirit of Sélavy by Di Donna: a curated vignette that combines bluechip works across time periods, mediums, and cultures with modern design items. Styled as an inspiring interior, it exemplifies the eclectic vision of an imagined collector, juxtaposing ancient Greek and Roman statues with Surrealist, modern and contemporary paintings, prime examples of American and European mid-century modern design, and whimsical objets d’art from antiquity to some of the most influential artists of the past century. Prices range from $25,000 to over $5 million, with pricing and complete object information available online.


Highlights of Icons through the Ages include:
● Andy Warhol’s stunning 1979 portrait of Judy Garland (Price upon request)
● A superb Roman Torso of Bacchus, the god of wine and earthly revelry, from c. 1st-2nd century AD ($375,000)
● A unique Picasso ceramic, Grand Vase aux fleurs, c. 1950-59 ($625,000)
● Jean Dubuffet’s Lieu de coïncidences from 1975, a striking example of Art Brut ($1,200,000)
● A haunting self portrait from Picasso, Tête (Autoportrait), 1972 (Price upon request)
● A wood and bronze Man Ray chess set inscribed with a mysterious poem ($95,000)
● A pair of 1960 “Kangarou” lounge chairs by Pierre Jeanneret ($67,500)
● A desk and chair designed by Charlotte Perriand for the Hotel du Doron, 1947 ($75,000)
● And dozens of other treasures.


Sélavy by Di Donna
Founded in 2020 by the founders of Di Donna Galleries on Madison Avenue, Sélavy by Di Donna presents curated vignettes that combine fine art and design spanning mediums, time periods, and cultures. The works are available to explore and instantly collect at A corner gallery space at 30 Jobs Lane in the town of Southampton functions as a rotating salon viewable from multiple angles through large corner windows—providing a window into a life well-lived. While Di Donna’s New York gallery is known for its biannual museum-quality exhibitions of Surrealist and modern art, Sélavy by Di Donna embraces an eclectic mix of objects and artworks, revealing how unexpected juxtapositions are the foundation of inspiring interiors.

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