Rispal Furnishings Company was first established in 1924 in the 11th arrondissement of Paris and is well-known today for their sleek light fixture designs, including the famous Mante Religieuse (Praying Mantis) lamp created in 1950 as part of their avant-garde collection “Formes Nouvelles.” Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, Rispal’s lamp creations focus on clean, long lines, natural materials and pale or muted tones. Another design from the “Formes Nouvelles” series, Floor Lamp (c. 1950) is composed of a steel four-legged base, a U-shaped walnut body with a woven-in cord, and two beige paper shades. Rispal designs were heavily influenced by the biomorphic style of modern sculptor Jean (Hans) Arp and Floor Lamp is a particularly apt example of such inspiration.