Antony Gormley United Kingdom, b. 1950


Antony Gormley (b. 1950, Dewsbury, United Kingdom) is a British sculptor and installation artist who almost exclusively works with the human body as subject. Gormley employs an array of organic and industrial materials in his sculptural practice, including steel, clay, lead, and iron. Perhaps the most utilized tool in Gormley’s practice is the artist’s bodyon several occasions, Gormley has cast his own figure in pursuit of exploring the evolving relationship between corporeality and space. Between 1968 and 1971 Gormley attended Trinity College, where he met fellow sculptor Barry Flanagan. Both Flanagan and Gormley are recognized today as “New British Sculptors,” a group of artists based in London who, in response to the growing influence of Conceptual and Minimalist art, returned to using traditional sculptural materials for explicitly figurative and metaphorical subjects. In 1994, Gormley received the prestigious Turner Prize and ten years later he was knighted as part of the United Kingdom’s New Year’s Honours List. His work is currently in the collections of the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas; Tate, London; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Montreal Musée des Beaux Arts, Canada, among many others.