Jindřich Halabala Czechoslovakia, 1903-1978


Jindřich Halabala (b. 1903, Koryčany, Czechoslovakia; d. 1978, Brno, Czechoslovakia) was a leading modernist furniture designer, best known for his modular series H chairs. Halabala trained as a cabinetmaker from an early age while working with his father in his joinery workshop. The designer went on to receive an extensive education in Czechoslovakia and had several formative professional experiences including studying woodworking at the Associated Arts and Crafts Enterprises in Brno where he later was hired as the company’s development manager. Halabala believed furniture should be accessible and affordable and was influential in making industrial furniture manufacturing a standard practice in Czechoslovakia. Beyond designing furniture, Halabala was a lecturer, professor, writer, and chairman of the Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Czechoslovakia.