George Hoyningen-Huene Russia, 1900-1968


George Hoyningen-Huene (b. 1900, St. Petersburg, Russia; d. 1968, Los Angeles, California) was a Russian-born fashion photographer. After fleeing the Russian Revolution with his family, Hoyningen-Huene moved to London and then Paris in 1920. There, he joined artistic circles frequented by icons like Coco Chanel and Salvador Dalí and quickly rose in the fashion world, becoming the chief photographer for French Vogue and working nearly exclusively for Harper’s Bazaar in New York. Hoyningen-Huene is celebrated today for his pioneering use of light, shadow, and the human form to create dramatic, sleek, and modern photographic compositions. Early in his career, the artist took on roles as an extra on film sets, which he notes was critical to developing his mastery of lighting models, and the experience connected him early on to Hollywood culture. Hoyningen-Huene’s work spans portraiture, nude, travel, and fashion photography.