Paul Evans United States, 1931-1987


Paul Evans (b. 1931, Newtown, Pennsylvania; d. 1987, Nantucket, Massachusetts) was an American furniture designer whose extravagant creations blur the boundaries between sculpture and design. A leading figure of the American Craft movement of the 1970s, he rejected the prominence of mass-production in design and instead espoused the value of hand-welded furniture. Evans settled in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he shared a studio with fellow designer Phillip Lloyd Powell, and the pair often produced furniture from wood scraps they gathered from their neighbor, designer George Nakashima. Evans’ aesthetic is remarkable for its unusual integration of metal and wood–his furniture pieces collage welded and enameled forms together in a manner reminiscent of Cubism. His glamorous designs have drawn the attention of celebrity collectors including Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani and Tommy Hilfiger and continue to be praised increasingly for their bold and playful quality.